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The fight is on to protect a local listed building, Dingle Farm, Sandbach,  from being trashed by the unwanted development of the attached land into a luxury faux-Merrie England plot for large houses. See the page!
June 2016
Since January I have been  researching into the life of a German POW who died in England. When I started, I had only a name and initials, and he could have been from any of the German armed services. But, incredibly, he has turned out to be a merchant seaman, and while his may not be a sensational story, it is an interesting and rather well documented one. So watch this space in a few months time.

9th May 2015
: I have just heard that Cdte Mario Rossetto, commander of the Italian submarine Finzi during the Second World War, died today. He was a great help to me when i was writing 'Submarine', and I had the pleasure of meeting him in Milan and of corresponding with him. He celebrated his one hundredth birthday in January.

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I'm primarily a maritime and naval author,  though my books have included an illustrated history of Trafalgar Square, a companion to the Imperial War Museum's War Correspondent exhibition, and the TV-tie in for Dan Snow's three-part Dig WW2, which took me into land conflict and air warfare (though I had covered a century of naval aviation while writing Carrier) as well as naval aspects.  

You may be surprised to find a big article about antique mercury barometers and the Ortelli family  who made them, in Britain. This is my guilty pleasure. There is something very special about these useful, decorative, handcrafted instruments - and the story of the Italian immigrants who came to Britain in the late 18th century to make them.

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