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Lloyd's Register of Shipping: 1861 Rules

Lloyd's Register of Shipping is well known for the Register Of Ships, but is often confused with Lloyd's of London. Both came out of the same 18th Century coffee shop in London, but while Lloyd's Of London is an international insurance market, Lloyd's Register of Shipping is a classification society that surveys vessels in service and under construction. During the 19th Century its surveyors drew up rules to ensure that ships were built to certain standards and, if they wanted to maintain their classification rating, maintained to set standards. It ia from Lloyd's Register that we get the expression "A1 at Lloyd's" and "100A1".

During the mid-19th century the rules were bound into the Registers of Ships, and as I am lucky enough to have a copy of the 1861 edition I thought that it might be useful to ship modellers and other maritime historians to scan the Rules section in PDF format.   For reasons of file size, it is scanned in B/W, so you don't get the beautiful blue background, and because I have only an A-4 scanner some of the fold out tables are in two sections.

The information includes specimen survey forms, criteria for each classification grade, and tables relating to bolts, pintles , dimensions of iron knees, descriptions of timber for use in each area, as well as regulations for iron hulls. 

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