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A History in Art and Photography
 Edited by Dr Andrew Lambert - Multiple Contributors

Hardback published  2010 by Conway

384 pages

ISBN 978-1844860760



This was a lovely commission: to contribute 200-300 words  per ship on a selection of selected vessels representing  war, trade, exploration,  legend, religion, fiction. Earliest, biggest, fastest, most successful; lost in dramatic circumstances; a vital part of the history of navigation; technologically advanced; critical player in empire building and trade…I was allotted ships as varied as Noah’s Ark and  HMS Astute, by way of examples of  triremes, Hanseatic cogs, 18th century Dutch warships, East Indiamen, convict ships, Italian torpedo boats, and destroyers . The images were often stunning, encompassing posters, Italian Renaissance masterpieces, the great age of Dutch marine art,  cinema stills, dramatic photographs and book illustrations. the ships were allotted to people on the basis of their expertise, but there was also  the chance for all those of us involved in the project to look at the proposed lists and protest ignorance about some of our quota and argue for the inclusion of others. I seem to remember that, in addition to my quota, I ended up with the ones nobody else wanted - at least, that is my story and I am sticking to it.  I made the mistake of offering the opinion that if  the fictional vessels Pequod and Compass Rose were to be included, so should be  Captain Sparrow’s  Black Pearl, the most famous fictional ship of the past half century…So my editor volunteered me to write it…

Ship had to be written at the same time as ‘Carrier’ – enjoyable, but very bad for meeting deadlines!



This weighty work could have so easily degenerated into a coffee table production placing style over substance, but with an impressive cast of academic contributors and a well-judged and well-presented selection of images, it adds up to a remarkably powerful exploration of the ship's role in society over the centuries ...there can be no dispute about this book's success in conveying the importance of shipping, its influence upon society and the key themes in the development of the maritime industry - and providing an enjoyable visual feast and an endlessly fascinating read along the way. --Nautilus International Telegraph, February 2011

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